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In the past and present I have taught the following courses:

- Transport Phenomena


- Boundary Layer Theory


- Hydrodynamics of Magnetic Fluids


- Intermediate Fluid Mechancis (Fluid Mechanics II)


- Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics

- Heat transfer I (conduction and radiation)

- Heat transfer II (convection and heat exchangers design)

This semester I am teaching:

Notas de aula de cursos ministrados pelo Prof. Rafael

Mecânica dos Fluidos 2 (Ministrado na UnB entre 2014-2016)

Fenômenos de transporte Parte I (Ministrado na UnB entre 2009-2014)

Fenômenos de transporte Parte II (Ministrado na UnB entre 2009-2014)

Transferência de calor I (Ministrado na Unicamp no 1/2017)

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