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NEMD applied to tumor treatment

In this research line we intend to use SIMS code to develop a computational study of a technique known as magnetic hyperthermia. In this technique small (nano) magnetic particles are added in a certain region of the human body containing a tumor. An oscillatory magnetic field is then applied at this region. The vibration of the particles dipole moment turns up producing a small increae in the local temperature (about six degrees Celsius). Cancer cells are less resistent to a temperature increase. In this sense, this technique is promising for treating small and deep tumors (Zubarev et al., 2016). Some theoretical models are capable to predict the temperature rate increase for small volume fractions of particles. These models are limited to diluted suspensions, since they are based on equilibrium magnetization models valid on asymptotic limits of particle volume fractions. Through numerical simulations using Non Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics, we pretend to understrand the influence of dipolar interactions in the efficiency of magnetic hyperthermia for more concentrated magnetic suspensions.

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