Prof. Rafael Gabler Gontijo

Prof. Rafael is a Mechanical Engineer and has a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. He has been a Professor since 2009, teaching fluid mechanics, heat transfer, continuum mechanics and related topics at UnB (Universidade de Brasília). He also spent 2 years working as a Professor at Unicamp, Campinas. His main research interests are: microhydrodynamics and rheology of complex fluids, hydrodynamics of magnetic fluids, Stokesian and Langevin dynamics applied to numerical simulations of dipolar suspensions.  He is also a member of the Vortex Group - Fluid Mechanics of Complex flows (based on UnB, Brasília - Brazil). In his personal life he seeks the path of enlightenment through music, yoga, philosophy, meditation and love.

Últimas publicações

Visits since 2017

Vortex Group - Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows

2017 - Developed by Prof. Rafael Gabler Gontijo

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